Whatsapp business


Tired of giving
your personal whatsapp number for business purposes? Here is the best solution.
Whatsapp has come up with whatsapp business app; it is available for only
android users not I-phone users. This app is a blessing for small business
owners, who want to be in touch with customer through whatsapp. Now, you don’t
need to carry two different phones. See the picture below for the glimpse of
this app

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Following mentioned
are the features of whatsapp business app.

Create your business profile and add website,
Address, Contact details so that your customers can get more information about
your business.

Business messaging tools: When you are not online
you can let your customers know about it.

You can use whatsapp messenger and whatsapp in
the same mobile phone provided both numbers should be different.

You can use whatsapp app in your computer very
easily with whatsapp web just like you use whatsapp messenger


Let’s learn step by step how to create whatsapp business account.


Open play store and install whatsapp business

Once it installed click open, agree and

Verify your number now : make sure you are
adding new number which you have never used before, same whatsapp number will
not work in app

You will vet code sms in your phone add code

Time to add your business info, first add your
business name once it named won’t be able to change latter on so be careful

Go to business settings now you can upload your
business image, Address, Category, location in map, business description,
business hours and last email address and website (you can multiple website
here too)

Go to statics: here you can check messages sent,
delivered, read and received.

Next is messaging tool: You will find three
options here, 1. Away message: you can set your auto responder. 2. Greeting message:
You can set automated message for someone who come to your whatsapp account,
make sure you have internet connection on otherwise these auto responders will
not work. 3. Quick replies : You can save your most used replies here as a
quick reply

Other features are similar to whatsapp messenger
like Account, Chats, Notifications, Data and storage usage, Contacts and help.


This is free app so
one must start using it, so forward this details to as many as people you can
and help  them help them to grow
business, let us know if you have any questions for the same.