When I first entered the Paik Nam June art center, this artwork, which was located right beside the exhibition entrance, had strongly intrigued me. A big dark garden, with full of dazzling monitors. The title of the artwork was the “TV garden” created by the Korean American media artist, Nam June Paik. When I started to take my first observation, I was able to notice that Paik Nam June used TV, live plants, amplifier, speaker, Global Groove, 1-channel video, color-sound to create a garden. Even though the colors of plants were are similar, diverse types of plants were seen as well. I was surprised about that this artwork was created in 2002, by looking at the how much the artwork has been well preserved; the plants were fresh, and machines were working correctly.  Dimensions were not recorded because it was installation artwork, but I could feel that it was covering ? of the first floor. The videos and the interaction between artificial and nature were reflecting Paik Nam June’s main characteristics of his artworks. When I was about to take my second observation around the garden, the artwork brought following things in my mind; future, illusion, Harmony between nature and humanity, contrast, mixture, etc. The dazzling monitor installed in different size and angles between jungle-like plants had brought me an image of future and illusion. The twisting effect, overlapped dancers, color contrast brought me a vision of robots and future with full of lights, and the dizzy effects used in the monitor seemed like a world viewed by a man who sees illusion due to illness, or drugs. Sequent- repeating sound and noise which was playing through the speaker had created a creepy and gloomy mood which felt like one of the horror movies that I watched last month. In my 3rd observation, I was able to feel dizziness, mysterious and bizarre from the artwork. The monitors hid by the trees made artwork feel mysterious, and continuously looking at the dizzy monitor made me feel dizzy. Videos in the monitor were bizarre which didn’t look like a typical dance video.  Lastly, In my 4th lap of observation, I stopped walking in front of the biggest monitor, and nothing but question appeared in my head. ‘Why are there no flowers in the garden?’ It was the greatest mystery that I’ve ever faced in this artwork’s observation. Why is this garden filled with green plants but not flowers? Is there a specific meaning? Or did he just did not include the flowers because they are hard to take care of? The description that I read after writing my response didn’t even mention about plants. I came up with multiple hypotheses, but I’m not sure why Paik Nam June did that. By looking at this artwork, I gained a lot of ideas, information for my artwork. I want to try expressing the dance video in the monitor by using vivid and various colors. Also, I want to draw futuristic artworks that describe technologies in the future such as humanoids or holograms. Finally, the most important influence that I gained was; this artwork made me fell in love with the installation work, by showing that installation art could express more different mood by using different types of mediums that cannot be used on or in the paper. So I would like to try making installation art to have my installation art exhibition in the future. And in the display, I’ll try to recreate this TV garden by adding flowers and by creating my video.