My ex-husband had a habit of telling our two children, “I’m coming to
pick you both up.” But he never showed up, so the kids started doing
the same to him. He would call, and the kids started
refusing to speak with him on the phone. When he came
over to pick them up, they refused to go with him.

He started blaming me, for the situation he created, but I
had nothing to do with the way the children treated him. All I knew, my kids did not wish to go with him
and I wasn’t going to force them to go. After their father left, I took them
aside and asked, “What is going on?” The kids told me,
“We are sick and tired of being stood up by him.” I was shocked at what I
had just heard from the two of them. They also stated,
“We want him to know how it hurts to have someone else come before you.”
Everything the children were telling me, I had told to
their father many times before. Now, he was experienceinghow they felt when
he stood them up or he didn’t call. There is a Bible
saying, “You reap what you sow.” Now he was feeling
After three months of this treatment, he finally asked
the children, “What’s going on, why don’t you two want to
see me, talk to me, or go any where with me?” They responded,
“Remember all the times you’ve had us sitting and waiting on you,
and you never showed up, or when we call to talk with you, and
you put us off for your friends. Well, we wanted you to
see how we felt when you did it to us.”
Now their father knows that for every action there is a

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