4. In many countries, only those companies which export are allowed foreign exchange to buy imported machinery, and they are given preference in the allocation of license to build new premises or to import raw materials.

5. Opportunity to expand the market share.

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6. Increase production if capacity is underutilized in the domestic market.

7. Decrease dependence on domestic sales or compensate for stagnating the domestic market.

8. Diffuse domestic competition by expanding into less competitive for­eign markets.

9. Follow domestic leaders into foreign markets to reduce foreign mar­ket research costs.

10. Competition in international markets stimulates the exporters to adapt their products to the needs of the market, leading to an im­provement in their level of technological know-how.

11. From a personal point of view, it is more challenging, more interest­ing and more enjoyable to travel and work in the international busi­ness environment rather than to be ‘stuck’ in the often narrow and unstimulating activities of a well-known home market.