World War I was one of the milestones of a movement known as Modernism. That begins with the expectations of a group of minorities who insist on wanting to change the world and create a better world. Since then there have been technological developments that support their lives. But the emergence of new technologies was adding to a new problem for their country. Unemployment, crime and class disparity are becoming increasingly visible everywhere. These capitalist, industrialist, and nationalist practices and theories have greatly affected the ‘modern’ world. This also happened to the ‘western countries’ one of which is America.   When we look back, when Puritans come to America, they have a picture that in this new place they will have peace in living the world, but in fact they still face many social problems that must be resolved. Not to mention they have to face political legitimacy, and must also be confronted with industrialized societies who monopolize their minds about how to distribute their wealth. The problems are increasingly complex in the modern era so it requires skill and thoughtful thinking to solve them. It is on this basis that American writers try to present the problems they find in a work, though it may not provide a solution but their works can be an important concern. Moreover, in the world of literature itself they have begun to be embarrassed by the previous streams of the flow of realism and naturalism. Modernists argue that the two schools are considered to have misused art as a medium to provide solutions to social problems, for the artist’s modernism is art. One of the hallmarks of the literature of this school is that its appreciation is more subjective, thus emphasizing the individual’s understanding, other than that the style of discussion tends to be complex. Notable figures of this era are Erza Pound with his famous works being Ripostes (1912), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920), and The Cantos (1917-1969).               American literature is a part of English colonial divided into colonial I, early us literature, unique american style, american century poetry, realism, turn of the century, post world war II. Colonial literature in this period of literary works in writing still wrote the second literary work of European and colonial version of the first author is John Smith with his work A True Relation of … Virginia (1608). this period is also written about politics by Samuel Adams, as for the 2 figures of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine who work with the American identity. early us literature at the time of post war period as for the work made by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay on the federalist as a historical part. William Hill Brown was the first novelist with his work entitled The Power of Sympathy (1789). there are still many works that develop at this time and work is very unique that is found with american style of course very build local culture. unique american style at the time of the war of 1812 produces many works about the United States is very unique, many new figures emerging like Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper and Edgar Allan Poe trying to become the first person to be an expert in writing american style of course with funny stories working at salamgundi and satire A History of New York. Melville (Moby-Dick), Hawthorne (Scarlet Letter) and Pose (The Hall of the House of Usher) these three figures are popular literary works of this time. American 19th century poetry has a different style, as for 2 writers: Walt Whitman (1819-1892) he is a nurse and innovator and his work is always about the American experience and he himself as a figure involved in the work. Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) she is an unmarried woman and she is very skilled at making poetry. her work is very traditional and he published a little of her work. realism at this time there are two writers Mark Twain and Henry James. Mark Twain is a master on Life on the Mississippi and Adventure novel off Huckleberry Finn. Henry James he wrote Daisy Miller’s novel about an American girl. turn of century in the early 20th century American novelist made a work on social-related life and many of the politics discussed. there are three writers like Edward Bellamy with his Looking Backward outlined other possible political and social framework, Upton Sinclair with his work The Jungle and Henry Adams on autobiography. the style of writing they use freedom. post world war II in this period many works are very popular in american history. poetry and fiction “beat generation” was born in New York. and the novel is very specific in this era Norman Mailer produced The Naked and The Dead (1948).