Writing is a way to
deliver ideas from the author to a specific audience. There are different ways
to deliver these ideas; by knowing the specific style of writing to clearly
provide the subject or objective of the article. Two styles of writing that are
commonly used are creative writing and scientific writing. Writing with these
styles are sometimes interchanged and a common mistake for students who are
writing their manuscript or a simple essay. Differentiating these style of
writing is important to avoid committing this mistake.

            Creative writing and scientific writing have different
objectives. Creative writing aims to entertain readers through expressing the
feelings of the writer. Creative writing is used to express emotion,
experiences, or thoughts through writing of stories, fiction or non-fiction. It
is writing an original composition that is beyond a professional or technical
writing. In scientific writing, it aims to answer a question or hypothesis to a
problem through providing results by writing with scientific method. Scientific
writing is used to share scientific outputs to other people. In writing an
article or a paper, the writer should determine the objective to write it with
the correct type of writing style through knowing its target audience, genre,
language style, and process of writing.

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            The methods of writing mentioned above have different
genres so that writers can distinguish what type of paper they are writing.
Creative writing has a lot of genres and sub genres but the most popular are
poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction which involves a lot of imagination that
can be in a form of adventure, comedy, fantasy, historical, horror, mystery,
and other creative genres for writing. With scientific writing, its genres are
journal article, scientific poster, research proposal, research paper, and lab
report which aims to share scientific knowledge.

            The target audience of creative and scientific writing is
also different. In creative writing, it is essential for a writer to determine
the audience for their writing. The work would depend on which audience they
are writing for. An example would be young adult fiction books. These books are
mainly written for young adult. In scientific writing, its target audience is
the other scientists.

            The language style of creative writing is not limited to
one style since creative writing involves emotions or feelings of the writer.
The style would depend on how the writer would deliver it and often would be
revealed through a dialogue. The dialogue would show the background of the
character. On the other hand, scientific writing’s language style should be
concise and precise. It would use an objective language to provide impartial to
state facts rather than opinion. It would also use passive voice, impersonal
point of view, and past tense for the article.

            Lastly, the process of writing creative and scientific
writing also differs. Creative writing has elements that is used to create a
story. It is based on character development, plot, setting, theme, and point of
view. Scientific writing is based on research which is followed through the
scientific method. Scientific method follows the content of introduction,
methodology, and results and discussions. Scientific writing is used to provide
information about answering a problem or hypothesis that is done through
research which involves experiments to provide answers.

            Clearly, creative writing and scientific writing has a
big difference. To write an appropriate article or story, it would be important
for a writer or researcher to determine the difference of these styles so that
the correct way of writing would be used. For the writer to know the correct
style to use, it is important for them to know the objective of the paper, the
genre, the target audience, the language style, and the process of writing. In
this way, it would be easier for the writer to start an article or story since
they have a clear understanding on what they would write.